The Model S is the original design of the RP3 and makes use of the dynamic rowing motion that simulates the feeling of being on the water. Coaches can therefore teach "on the water" technique while athletes are indoor training, delivering both fitness and technical benefit to the rower.

The load on the lower back is also minimized in comparison with static rowing machines, reducing the chance of injury and supporting athlete rehabilitation with a full body, low impact, high intensity workout.



The RP3 makes use of the dynamic rowing motion that simulates the feeling of being on the water. Coaches can now teach “on the water” technique while athletes are indoor training.

The legs pick up and send the 25kg machine body down the slide similar to the feeling of picking up your share of boat and oar weight experienced on water.

The RP3 has benefits over static machines in protecting the lower back by reducing the force it experiences during the stroke.


The Software is featured on an app, RP3 Rowing found on the Google Play Store and iOS. This is another feature that sets the RP3 Dynamic Indoor Rowers apart from other training devices.

Using your device of choice, the display features an easy to use user interface. A detailed force curve is the focus of the screen so athletes and coaches can instantly see the consistency and force analysis of every stroke. Workouts can be programmed and all the workout data can be exported to your email and analyzed stroke by stroke.

The app connects with most BLE heart rate belts allowing you to view your pulse on the screen while you train. Other display options include stroke length, drive to recovery ratio and max force with its relative stroke position. See the Guides page for more detail. Please get in touch with us if you would like to add a monitor to your order.


The RP3 benefits from quality optimized design featuring:

Fully Balanced Flywheel - Every flywheel is fully balanced and matched to achieve consistent data output. The weight and inertia of the flywheel are specially designed to give you the same feeling as an oar through the water.

Adjustable Footrests and Optimized Handle - The use of adjustable heel flex footrests on the indoor rower make it easy to set the right height for your foot size. The handle is angled in two directions to minimize tension in the arms and wrists during the drive, this also simulates the movement of the oar through the water.

Easy Storage and Mobility - The RP3 has wheels on the front foot allowing the fully-assembled machine to be rolled into position, it can also be stored upright.


Also availabe for the RP3S, the easy to connect machine and handle link bars allow the connection of 2, 4 or 8 machines together.

This unique feature of the RP3 enables a crew to train together on land simulating their boat.

This allows crew members to synchronise their drive and recovery, moving together to create real boat speed on the land!


  • Overall Length - 250 cm 
  • Width - 50 cm 
  • Seat Height - 48 cm 
  • Single rail 3x3 cm 
  • Chain - Special plated steel chain
  • Chain/Cord - Housing Partially enclosed
  • Interface/Monitor - Wireless interface BLE connects to Android Tablet /Phone / special monitor (option)
  • Power Requirement - Takes power from battery pack inside the machine.
  • Maximum User Weight - 4200 kg as tested by RP3 .
  • Construction - Complete Stainless steel front legs, rear legs and rail.
  • Monitor Arm - Monitor holder can be adjusted for a Tablet or Phone and the angle can also be adjusted.
  • Finish - Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Storage - Can be stored in upright position.
  • Space Requirements:
    Assembled: 230 cm x 50 cm
    With Clearance for Use: 260 cm x 122 cm
    For Storage: 50 cm x 50 cm x 230 cm
  • Machine Weight - 20 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    Box 1: 28cm x 65cm x 107cm
    Box 2: 6cm x 6cm x 230cm
  • Shipping Weight - 35 kg