RP3 is used by Leading Rowers and Teams Everywhere!

Prominent Users

Mahe Drysdale
2012 Olympic Champion

Kim Crow
2013 World Champion

Sinkovic Brothers
Croatian M2x
2014 World Champions

Eveline Peleman
Belgian LW1x
2014 World Champion

National Teams
New Zealand

Collegiate Programs
University of Washington, Men and Women
Brown, Men
Stanford, Women
Princeton, Men
Harvard, Men


“I began doing my on-land training almost exclusively on the RP3 in 2011 which propelled me to the top of the lightweight sculling scene in the US. The RP3 enables me to train longer and harder than a lot of my competitors because it moves like a boat, flowing underneath me, reducing stress on my back, knees, and spine, while simulating the same feel of connection I seek on the water. The RP3 also helps me work on the sequencing, acceleration, and rhythm I need on the water in order to go fast, which is ultimately what I care about. The live stroke-to-stroke data that is output by the RP3 is far more detailed than any other machine I’ve used. Not only does it tell me how fast I’m going, but also how efficiently I’m rowing through parameters like energy/stroke, stroke length, peak power/stroke, and the power curve. By constantly searching for a more efficient stroke, I’m able to get an edge on my competitors. Every fraction of a second counts, and the RP3 tells me where to look to find more speed.”
-Nick Trojan, 4x USA National Team Member (Senior, U23, and Junior)

“The RP3 Rowing Simulator has been an integral part of our training since 1997. With the ability to link machines together and also connect them to PCs we’ve had the opportunity to achieve so much more in our training off the water. Over the period we’ve made tremendous technical progress. The live feedback from the PCs has enabled the athletes to make changes and see the outcome instantly. The importance of the machines can be gauged by the fact that we bought two machines in Australia and used them right up to our final race in the Olympic final. I’d be quite happy to use RP3 as our training machine all the time. It’s the closest thing to rowing we’ve got and you don’t even have to carry it down to the water.”
Martin McElroy, Coach Great Britain – Eight, gold medalists Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

“I have always been a fan of RP3 Rowing. Not only does it provide immediate feedback from the visual data but it also gives the rowers a clear message that they can transfer easily to the boat. Using it, from the early development right up to the Olympic final, was a major factor in the success of our Gold Medal Eight.”
Harry Mahon, Cambridge University Boat Club and Great Britain Olympic Coach

“For the last two weeks before I departed for the 1989 World Championships in Bled, I was training on the RP3 Rowing Simulator exclusively. This gave me an advantage over my competitors, because I could hone my timing at the catch to perfection, not hindered by weather conditions or waves, and this certainly contributed to my world championship of that year.
Frans Göbel, World Champion l/wt mens 1 x 1989-90

“What do I think of the RP3 Rowing Simulator? It brought me three world championships.”
Peter Haining, Mens l/wt Single Scull 1993-1994-1995

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