[title size=”2″]Power Curve[/title]
For the learning of a very complex pattern of movement such as rowing, and for improving rowing technique, a direct and continuous feedback of the results to the rower is of primary importance. The optional ROWPERFECT3 (RP3) computer-interface and software provide this.

At the completion of each stroke the screen shows a force/length curve. The shape of this force-length curve depends on the technique, and gives a clear insight into the coordination between legs, back and arms during a stroke. This force/length curve, therefore, can be used to detect technical flaws, and to diagnose the causes.

Immediate feedback to the rower is essential to change the coordination pattern. It is achieved by showing an “ideal” reference stroke as a template together with each actual stroke. For each stroke, the rower can see the difference between his actual stroke profile and the target. This makes the teaching and learning process very efficient , allowing the rower to rapidly acquire a technical improvement.

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