[title size=”2″]Performance Factor[/title]
A special ROWPERFECT3 (RP3) feature for monitoring progress is the Performance Factor. If a pulse sensor unit is installed, the system uses the heart rate and the power generated by the rower to calculate the energy dissipated per heartbeat (Performance Factor). This information is essential for monitoring progress, and provides an early warning system for health problems or over-training. An example thereof is given in the graph below.

This graph shows the performance of a novice girl during aerobic training on the ROWPERFECT3 (RP3). Below the horizontal axis are the date and the duration of the aerobic training in minutes, the right hand axis indicates the average power and the average heart frequency during the training, the right hand axis presents the Performance Factor. During the first three weeks of December training had been interrupted due to a health problem. Clearly the dip in Performance Factor can be seen, and the graphs shows that in the second week of January recovery was complete. A similar pattern with other rowers has been found in cases of anaemia and of over-training.

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