The New and Improved RP3 Rowing Machine

The next generation of the RP3 Rowing Machine is more sleek, robust, and smooth than ever before. It also features a new tablet/smartphone training app that beautifully renders the analytical capability of the RP3 on a dynamic but clean interface, making training and improving your stroke more straightforward than ever before.

It’s the only machine in the world that truly simulates the dynamics of a racing shell free flowing on the water. The main frame with its flywheel, stretcher, and seat simulate the boat and glide atop the bar, which mimics the water. This simulation occurs because of the way mass is shifted on top of the bar as force is applied to the fan by the oarsmen. The seat also requires balance, forcing the oarsmen to control their body, as they would have to in a boat.




History and Development

The RP3 is the third generation of the Row Perfect, a machine developed in 1988 by Cas Rekers in an attempt to create a training tool that mimics boat feel and behavior, while providing the information needed for a rower to improve the efficiency of his/her stroke. The RP3 acts as a lense into the physics of a rower’s stroke, exposing areas that can be improved, all the while developing the same muscles and feel that will enable them to move a boat.

Rekers vision of the best rowing training tool was built upon the quality of the machine, and the data it produces. This is why the RP3 is manufactured from all brushed stainless steel and Aluminum, giving it a strong, but lightweight structure. And the software developed to

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